The Steadyrack KMBC shuttles will run up and down Gunjin Rd (pickup from the shuttle bay).
The operating dates can be found by clicking the link below

KMBC Steadyrack Shuttle dates - Google Sheets

Tickets can be purchased on the bus and the prices are as follows:
Cash and EFT available ( 2% surcharge on all eft transaction

  • 1 individual uplift = $5

  • 10 uplifts (shareable/use anytime) = $40

  • 20 uplifts (shareable/use anytime) = $60
    Tickets/passes DO NOT expire until they are used up

  • These shuttles will be operated by our awesome

    WA Mountain bike Volunteer of the year


    If you would like more information or to purchase a Steadyrack product head to

    If you are wanting to hire the bus and driver for either a private shuttle day or even transport for a bday or tour

    please get in touch you will find our rates are very competitive

Shuttle pic 1.jpg